The motivation behind our Carolina Torres brand was to explore different creative ideas about revolutionising fashion consumption, to bring the community a more ethical and conscious fashion choices, and to stimulate employment in her motherland. Our founder decided to go on a trip to Colombia and Mexico back in Dec 2018 and was inspired by the crafts and folk art from those two countries. After exploring their traditional arts that incorporate elements taken from indigenous and ancient techniques, she was attracted to textiles produced using knots in wall hangings, clothing, accessories and bohemian home décor.

At the beginning of 2019, inspired by the legacy of ancestral knotting techniques, our founder saw an opportunity to transform these techniques into a modern look of premium hand crafted and unique accessories, which has rarely seen in Australia. That year the foundation of the brand was established and the team was built in Colombia

After a year of working on this new concept, the Carolina Torres brand was born in 2020, bringing to Australia curated accessories for women who like cool, modern, one of a kind pieces that want to support conscious consumerism and art.



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