Founded by Diana Carolina Torres, a Colombian woman who migrated to Australia in 2009, she is the creator behind this brand. As a child, she always dreamed of managing her own company. She has an Industrial Engineering and MBA studies, Programs and Project Management experience, but with the soul of a creative artist.

After exploring different crafting and creative ideas, she finally found a creative project that could fuel her. During her holiday trip to Colombia and Mexico, she discovered the ancient ‘knotting’ technique called Macramé and felt in love with it.

Surrounded by artists, entrepreneurs and communities that know the value of adopting a craft-based approach, she made the decision to evolve this technique and transform it into a modern look of premium jewellery and accessories.

In 2019, she commenced studying Macramé technique and courses on jewellery design. In 2020, she started selling her designs to friends, opened social media accounts during lockdown and launched officially the brand and website this year. 


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